Gladys Kravitz Strikes Again

ÜberYounger and I were snuggled on the couch watching "Finding Nemo," when I received a call from my next door neighbor informing me that the police had the house on the corner surrounded, and the guys who live there on the ground with guns to their heads.

My loyal watchdog was asleep in her crate; had a plastic bag blown down the street or my neighbor across the street inflated his inflatable holiday décor, she'd be sure to tell me.

Anyways, Dilf was at the grocery store. I called him and told him not to come back until danger had been averted. He came home anyways, only to find the street blocked and an FBI cruiser at the ready.

When he was allowed to proceed and the cop cars started heading away, he handed me the groceries and talked to one of the policemen on duty. Was it drugs? Gun-running? Pirated DVDs? No....

One of them is a film student and was filming a video. Some neighbor saw "black men" running around a house with guns, and called the cops.

Of course, if I had seen someone running up to a house with what appeared to be a gun, I would've called, too. So, my "Gladys Kravitz" assessment is a bit harsh.

But it's interesting to note that the college-aged boys on the street behind routinely play paint-ball with realistic-looking and sounding guns -- but they're white. I'd like to think it's because they've lived here longer and people know who they are, but ...

I think I'll go bake some Santa cupcakes for the boys on the corner.
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