This Week in Coupons: Diets and Makeup and Bears, Oh My!

I had 25 billion gazillion coupons in my Sunday paper this week; of course that's just an estimate. Roughly 87 percent were diet-related for the resolute, beauty products comprised another 10 percent, horribly ugly and useless collectibles made up another 2 percent, leaving 1 percent for Saran Wrap and canned fruit.

I was horrified, horrified to meet Hartley via my coupon section this week.

Okay, it's not so much the bear that horrifies me than the fact that adults would spend $80 on a teddy bear. And not just a small handful of people are so willing -- as you can see from the link, he's on backorder.

It must be because he's "full of Boydsian charm!" Maybe that's code for heroin. At least that would make some sense to me.
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