The Truth Hurts. Get a Helmet.

I am not the typical American in that I would rather hear a nasty truth than a beautiful lie.

For instance, at the baby shower I recently attended, I would have preferred to hear someone tell me what they really think of me ("You're bossy, nosy and need to do a better job of tweezing) than the ridiculous "C - - - - is learning statistics in kindergarten" or "People told me I was just like Carol Burnett in school."

I love Carol Burnett. I take deep offense at that obviously false statement. Just because you walk around with a fake plastered grin on your face, does not mean you have a wonderful sense of humor.

These are pitifully small examples from my pitifully small life, however. This week, we will be discussing painful subjects in a painfully honest way with likely disastrous results.

Feel free to tell me I'm full of shit, stupid, ignorant or otherwise deficient. I much prefer that to false praise.

*picture courtesy of Manolo for the Men.
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