How Do People Who Are Outrageously Horrible Not Realize They Are Horrible?
I love reading advice columns. It allows me to indulge my nosiness, bossiness and know-it-all-iness without actually harming anyone.

It's not often that I am shocked and/or sickened by a letter (not even in Savage Love), but something about this letter horrified me.

How do you write a letter like that, probably read it over for grammatical errors before you send it to the newspaper, and not view your life in a negative light?

Let's break this down. You're married to someone who provides you with a "comfortable" life. You've had multiple affairs, many (perhaps all?) with men who are also married. Your "problem" is how to get them to buy you more stuff, "Just because?" Just because what? You're a nasty, grasping, faithless whore who lies and cheats and is never happy with what she has?

When I was single, I viewed extramarital affairs as a breach of trust, a breaking of a promise to a supposed loved one, and as selfish. Those things were bad enough. Now that I am married for 10 years, sharing a household and raising children with someone, I realize that it's even worse than that. It's difficult to explain what I mean... but the joint effort involved in making a life together is so... I mean, you're so intimately and completely part of one another's lives... I don't know. It would be like ignoring your own child to take another child to his/her little league games, and out for ice cream, and tucking them into bed and giving them a goodnight kiss, all while you left your own flesh and blood alone and defenseless. Maybe that's just my personal feeling.

Then, added to her callous indifference to love and loyalty, she's greedy? And sees her "problem" as how to get people to buy her more presents?

Someone should truly give her what she deserves.
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