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I just finished reading this, which made me contact this place about membership.

Then, because it's Wednesday, the food ads came out, and I found myself rejoicing that Duncan Hines brownie mix was on sale. And hot dogs! Potato chips! Cases of soda pop! The joy!

Not to mention, it's carnival season.

The problem is, aside from the carnival food, unhealthy food is much cheaper to buy in the short term. But, with they skyrocketing cost of health care, it's potentially much more expensive in the long run.

Does one gamble with one's health? For the temporary pleasure of velvety mouthfeel and that satisfying carbohydrate rush that hits that beloved pleasure center of the brain, much in the same way heroin does?

Does one dutifully deny oneself pleasure, elongating life but making it less celebratory and joyful in the process?

But how celebratory are Type II Diabetes and hardened arteries? How joyful are acid reflux and overburdened joints?

What to do? What to do?
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