Is It Anti-American to Be Anti-Corporation?

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power -- Benito Mussolini"

(note - I'm going to completely ramble here, without any coherent transitions from one thought to the next. So, don't even bother telling me I'm crazy; I already know.)

Free enterprise is not corporatism. Corporatism favors big business at the expense of everyone else. That's what we have now. Corporatism is based on greed.

The problem with greed is that it goes for the fast, easy money without regard for the consequences. Sustainability is somebody else's problem to deal with.

It's also cowardly. It doesn't invest in hope or new ideas.

It's not just amoral, it's immoral. It won't give up it's short term gains to "do the right thing." Corporatists argued against abolishing the slave trade.

I oppose corporatism, but it's not enough to be against a thing without being in favor of something else.

I am in favor of clean water. I am in favor of clean air. I favor farmers being able to re-use seeds as nature (I like God) intended. I support public education and libraries. I like the unadulterated truth. I want to be able to eat something or take a medicine and know that it will help me and not hurt me. I want scientists to be independently funded so their results are not questionable. Ditto reporters. I need roads to ride on. I want my children to have a childhood filled with learning and play, not working for a corporation. I like tranquility and fairness and everyone getting an equal chance.

Corporations don't want me to have these things, because they don't want to pay taxes for schools or health care or new roads or pollution-reducing technology. They don't want to commit to quality products, because it costs less to sell dangerous shit. They don't want anyone looking at them or reporting on them, because, for now, we can still refuse to buy their products. Corporations would prefer to be unregulated monopolies, because that's money, baby.

I want someone who will stand up and say, "Corporatism is not freedom. It is not democratic. It is not what America should be." We have stood for blatant unfairness long enough.

Who will do that? And actually follow through, I mean. I want to vote for that person. I wish I knew who that was.
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