I Suggest Mob Rule and Mayhem as a Refreshing Change of Pace

So, Dilf and I were watching 20/20 last week (more like flipping between it and about 35 other shows we had only a marginal interest in seeing), and this segment got me thinking.

I was pissed (imagine that!) because they pictured these sociopaths getting "yelled at" by Congress and protesters, and portrayed that as some sort of "punishment" for their crimes.

That's no punishment. They don't care what someone thinks about them, or how their actions impact the lives of others. These people aren't comically inept characters on "Mayberry RFD" or "Gilligan's Island" whose antics cause the town to close down for a day or foil yet another rescue attempt. They didn't get rich by accident, and they sure as hell know about economics. They knew their actions could or would wreak financial havoc someday. They did it anyways.


So, heaping public scorn upon them won't affect them one bit. Unless we bring back the public stockade, and people can spit directly on them and ruin their expensive suits with bird poop. But I have a suggestion.

Release their addresses to the public and declare their homes "rule-free zones." Hey, they love de-regulation so much, I'm sure they'll be thrilled to have such "regulations" as anti-theft laws suspended on their properties. Then people can go to their houses and steal all their shit. Their curtains. Their duvet covers. Their martini shakers. All of it.

Police and/or military personnel will be on hand for crowd control and to make sure people don't physically harm each other fighting over a Tiffany lamp, but otherwise, anything goes.

They're such big fans of greed, I'm sure they'd understand.
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