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"Speculators" have been caught destroying the market system. Let's be honest, prices aren't based on reality anymore (for instance, the price of orange juice isn't based on a deep freeze or hurricane or growing conditions, but on the whims and fancies of traders). We saw this with the recent spike in gas prices. Supply and demand or natural forces have been replaced with simple greed and sociopathic selfishness.

So, these "top performers" should be removed from the financial sector/trading arena immediately. They are ruining everything for everybody else with their malfeasance. But where should they go? Do you want someone like that as a doctor? Or a garbage collector? Or anywhere they could wreak havoc?

I have an idea spawned by the "Aunt Bee the Warden" episode of the Andy Griffith Show. Put them under house arrest with parents and grandparents with a history of effective discipline.

I am ready. Oh, and they have to wear shock collars. Did I forget that part?
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