You, Sir, Are an Asshole.

My Chicago Tribune pissed me off YET AGAIN this morning. Really, is the caffeine in the coffee waking me up, or the adrenaline rush from reading the local fish-wrapper?

What is it this time, my eye-rolling, long-suffering may ask. It's this.

Really, Mr. McNamara? "Go cry on your useless business cards?" A local liquor store should provide free rot-gut whiskey for the unemployed? Or drugstores offer free (prescription) anxiety drugs? Or (this is a real knee-slapper!) camping gear retailers should offer bank-robbing gear because (hee hee!) people are so DESPERATE? That's HUMOR to you? While you do give FedEx a throw-away compliment so you can use it as a segue, do you realize what a serious matter job loss/job searching is?

Of course, you can afford to go shopping at the Michigan Avenue Eddie Bauer for shorts because your spectacular writing earns you such a splendid living. For now.

We'll see how you cry on your own worthless business cards as the newspaper business continues to collapse.
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