It's Only Day Three and I'm Already Sick of Talking about Christmas

I'm just having a difficult time lately getting pissed off about things. I don't care anymore. Outside of the Gap commercial, I mean. Is that bad or good? I'm not even interested in going off on Cuntzilla and this totally insane tea party she's having on Sunday. I regret that I will miss her homemade marshmallows this year, as I am down to my last couple of weeks living out of state.

I am not excited at all about anything, although I did momentarily almost enjoy my hot bath last night. Does this mean I'm depressed? If so, why? Is this just a brain chemical thing? I thought they fixed that with my thyroid medicine?

In conclusion, I don't really care about anything, even the History Channel's latest "Nostradamus" nonsense claiming the Egyptian Book of the Dead corroborates 2012 as Earth's swan song. Their refrains of "some people claim" and cut-ins to crazy half-baked "authors" did cause some brief stirrings on my bullshit detector, but even that didn't rouse me from my stupor.

I guess I'll make meatloaf for dinner tonight.
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