Perhaps a Better, or Maybe Just Another, Example

"Well, the world is full of people walking around with a notepad and a pencil looking to be offended at something," quoth Doc.

I will tweak Doc's comment a bit: the world is full of people walking around with a head full of nasty opinions and vitriol they just CAN'T WAIT to express.

I can hear Dilf's voice in my head admonishing me for even reading the comment section. And he's right -- but I can't help it. But in another example of people flinging acrimonious, hateful words at each other for absolutely no reason, I present...

A completely inane and typical and boring story on weight loss ideas.

I wouldn't have even noticed that story if Blue Gal hadn't gotten all excited about the knitting suggestion and pointed it out to me. And I know, I know... if I don't like the comments, don't read them. But...

It bothers me that that many people have that degree of nastiness in their heads about their fellow human beings. Just because it's not news doesn't mean it isn't disturbing to me.

And they just HAVE to express it. Because they're SO SURE they're SO RIGHT that it's worth humiliating and diminishing someone else.
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