C U Next Tuesday

I have never been called a "cunt" before today. I would like to celebrate losing my "cunt" virginity with all of you, my friends.

This is what Wikipedia says about "cunt:"

Cunt is an English term that refers to the human female genitals. In modern English the word vagina is considered more polite, though strictly speaking this word only refers to a specific part of the genitals. In Oxford, London, and other English towns and cities in the Middle Ages there were roads named "Gropecunt Lane" where prostitutes plied their trade; these roads were renamed by the Victorians.

"Cunt" is also used as a term of abuse: in American English, it is mainly directed at women, and tends to imply that the named person is extremely nasty and unpleasant in a way that bitch does not imply. It is generally considered the most offensive description one can attribute to a female.

Very interesting, especially the part about "Gropecunt Lane."

I also found a Cunt Circus, a Cunt Coloring Book, and a movie called "Cunt Dykula."

I hope we've all learned a little something about cunts today. I know I have.
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