I Don't Like Where This Journey of Self-Discovery Ended Up
I was fully prepared to write about my Alton Brown infatuation, when I came across a disturbing question imbedded in one of Mr. Brown's fan sites: were Alton Brown and Thomas Dolby seperated at birth?

This adds to another conundrum. My family has noticed a striking resemblence between Dilf and Alton Brown. Has my entire life been the manisfestation of a heretofore unacknowledged and submlimated infatuation with... Thomas Dolby?

I was 13 when "She Blinded Me with Science" came out, a ripe time for a young girl to develop a crush.

I have spent a lifetime in love with geeks.

Alton, Thomas and Dilf all have expressed love for their Mac's.

I leave it to you, readers. What do you think?

Thomas Dolby:

Alton Brown:


It's true, isn't it? ISN'T IT?

I'm in love with Thomas Dolby. I've always been in love with Thomas Dolby. It's time I came to terms with it.
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