Insanity and New 'Do Consideration
First, I am cleansing my aura and becoming a better person. Or not. I've tried it before with limited success. Anyway, I'm kicking out some bad habits and attitudes. Hence:

and, since some of you asked:

I am contemplating a haircut, which I need desperately. Many women turn to celebrities whom they resemble for ideas. I chose Audrey Tautou, not because I am as beautiful as her but because I have dark brown eyes and Gallic features like her. But she changes her hair often. I like this one with the soft tendrils:


This is me with that hair, in a very poor photoshop job that I don't feel like fixing right now:


Also, I need to fix my eyebrows, it seems. Dilf, if you feel like fixing this picture for me, have at it. You know the password.
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