Bad Music Thursday: Survive THIS!!!
Sysm and I were having a conversation the other evening.

You know a Bad Music Thursday is going to be bad, when it starts out with a conversation between Sysm and me.

Somehow we got on the subject of Survivor. I don't know how these things happen; they just do. I think "Eye of the Tiger" was involved somehow. Anyways, the conversation degenerated into yet worse Survivor songs, and even Sysm became confused about which song was which. For instance, take the following two Survivor songs as an example of how easily someone could mistake one song for another:

I Can't Hold Back


High On You

Same sound. Same time period of production. Same subject matter. Same hair. Same bad deconstructed blazers worn by the band. How is a person supposed to tell which was which?

And, they hail from my neck of the woods. I'm not proud of that, folks.
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