This Week in Coupons: Sugar Subterfuge!

During my weekly perusal of the Sunday paper coupons (and boy howdy were there are lot this week! Thanksgiving, you know) I came across a curious ad campaign.

Promoting sugar as healthy.

Not some raw, brown hippie sugar, mind you. Good old American diabetes-causing white refined sugar. See what I mean?

You see, sugar is fat-free! And only 15 calories a teaspoon! How many teaspoons could be in your food, anyways? Not that they want you to check. In fact, please don't. Let's focus on that nice low 15 calorie number.

While they were at it, they could have said, "Contains no drain cleaner," "strychnine free" and "no hydrogenated oil." All would be true.

So, when Beavis went berserk and turned into Cornholio when he ate too many candy bars, he wasn't experiencing a sugar rush. He was energized from all the good health pouring through his body! Be like Beavis. Eat sugar.
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