Flounder? I'm Gonna Need Back-Up.

Something is pissing me off more royally than anything has pissed me off before. I'm sure it will be presented as "science vs. stupid Christians", and anyone who disputes the "findings" will be dismissed as a Bible-thumping loon.

However, one comment found on a blog post discussing the topic sums up my opinion nicely:

"I think what gets overlooked is that a tomb was found and some common Hebrew names on the ossuaries. Who is making the quantum leap? Maybe Jacobovici and Cameron perhaps? The other thing is how are DNA tests going to prove anything? All it MIGHT prove is some of these people are related -- but does the NYC crime lab have DNA of Jesus' family to use for comparison purposes? Sounds like slick marketing, huge leaps of faith by Cameron and Jacobovici; even more faith that Christians need to have."

So, obnoxious "documentarians", you can shove your "proof" up your ass. And I consider this additional proof that Cameron is in league with the devil, after his "Titanic" debacle featuring a theme song sung by "Satan's Little Helper" Celine Dion.

I rest my case. Just like the crazy people who see a face in a tortilla, Cameron is seeing Jesus where he isn't -- only where he wants Him to be.
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