What Would Thurston Howell III Spend on a Hooker?

Everyone's talking about the newest juicy sex scandal. I'm sure Mr. New York's political rivals are rejoicing, because they feel the morally-upright middle class citizen's brigade will be appalled at his infidelity. And, likely kinkiness.

But that's not what I heard from the morally-upright middle class citizen's brigade in my neighborhood, whom I call "Mom and Dad."

My mother is not appalled that the governor would hire a hooker, and she's not even interested in what he did with her. This isn't news anymore.

What incenses her is that he had the spare $4,500 to throw around without a thought. To her, this demonstrates a clear divide between our elected officials and us. These are not our representatives. They have no clue how we live, and what concerns us.

That's the scandal here, not the sex.
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