Complaint Day One: Spoilage

It's difficult to tell whether complaints or ideas won out in yesterday's voting, with write-in candidates for "boobs" and Satan's nitpicky whining confusing things. But I think complaining won by a hair. If not, feel free to complain. I certainly am.


Americans seem to think being spoiled is not only cute, but a life goal.

From shriveled human husk Hugh Hefner parading his pampered pets on television, to "Bridezillas" shrieking and stomping about their "perfect" weddings, to the ridiculous excesses on Cribs, we can look upon the faces of decadence in either horror or admiration. Guess which one most people pick?

It's no secret that many people focus not on what they bring to the world, but what they can take from it. To quote the little plastic soldier in "Toy Story," "Where is your honor, dirt bag?"

This brings me to the personal source of my complaint, Cuntzilla.

I'm tired right now... I'll explain in the morning.
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