Threat Down! Threat Down! Gravy Crisis Averted!
My gravy rocked, thanks in part to Todd. As I predicted, Jeannie Martini and I came back from the football game at the park with our empty martini glasses in hand, announcing, "We're drunk enough to make gravy now!" (Our oldest sister was past the point of gravy-making. She passed out on the couch after dessert).

Speaking of the football game, I have pictures. That's Dilf in the turkey hat. He's all mine, ladies!

I'm not in any of those pictures. I was up on a park bench with Jeannie Martini, Mrs. Towel Boy, my oldest sister's husband, and that cowardly wuss, Nick, drinking cocktails and occasionally shouting out rude comments. Rich's uncle acted as photographer, and spent his entire time taking pictures of the actual "game."

Now that Thanksgiving's over, we have time to relax. We're going to the Planetarium with Al Gato and his family. You know the Planetarium, right? The one with the overhead projector? Yeah, that one.
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