And Another Thing That Pisses Me Off

Not that anyone asked.

I read some snippet of an editorial (yeah, I'm a credible news source. I don't feel like adequately researching or linking today. You'll have to Google stuff yourself) where some woman "cringed" because Michelle Obama cheerfully referred to herself as "the First Mom."

Horrors! How could a woman with a university degree degrade herself like that, taking on such a foul, fetid position in life. How is such a thing possible in the year two thousand and eight? Haven't we invented an army of robots to take on the disgusting, distasteful task of raising our putrid offspring yet?

If that bitch wants something to cringe about, I'll give it to her in the form of my fist aimed at her face. Being a mom is a profession, and an honorable one. If someone claims she "isn't using her brain enough" in the course of raising children, then she isn't doing it right.

I'll give you my two cents worth as to what this whole "just a mom" thing is about. Unlike people in paid positions, full-time parents don't have a boss or performance reviews or someone to give them fawning adoration for their accomplishments. They don't have an audience to clap for them.

Well, I say if you need that to fuel your "self-worth," you're an immature glory whore. What we need is MORE people willing to forgo self-aggrandizement for the sake of the common good, not fewer.

And that, my friends, is what is pissing me off today.
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