I May Bitch, But I'm Normally Not A Bitch
I complain bitterly and often, but I rarely do anything about it. Today, I must've had an itchy trigger finger.

I voluntarily produce the ÜberGirl's school yearbook using an online dynamic publishing program from the school photographer. In order to access the site and get the work done, I need to put in my school ID, my ID and a password they provide.

I received an email with everything except the password, so I emailed back asking for it. My sales rep, who had simply forwarded on the information she herself had provided, said she was sure the computer person (I'm not sure of this person's actual function within the company) would email it to me.

Well, she did, only she made the mistake of lying to me. See, I don't mind mistakes. I don't blow up at mistakes. But when someone lies to cover her own ass, especially in such a small, stupid matter with so small a consequence, it bugs me. She said, "Here's a copy of the original email sent to you January 5..."

So I replied, "No, HERE'S a copy of the email sent to me January 5" and I cut and pasted it. I added (rather snarkily, I admit) "But thanks for the password, anyways."

What bugged me is that she went back in and changed it. If she had re-sent me the original email, mistakenly believing the password was in there, I wouldn't have been mad. Slightly frustrated, but not mad. But she KNEW the original was incorrect, and she CHANGED it to pretend it had been there all along. She must have issues.

Anyways, she responded to my snarky email by claiming my sales rep had made the mistake. My sales rep's only mistake was trusting that this crazy lady did her job correctly.

So, I sent my sales rep a letter that said, "I don't want to get into a pissing match with [computer lady]. I know that you just forwarded me the information that she sent you in the first place, so I don't know why she's trying to suggest that a)I can't read emails or b) you made a mistake. I just want you to know that you and I are cool. I just think she's a bit odd to try and cover up something that wasn't that important in the first place."

I know all of this stuff is small. But people like that computer lady are ruining the world in large AND small ways.
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