A New Era in Diversion Dawns
Just when I thought I'd have to tackle one of a number of serious topics on this blog, and just when I thought reality television was dead, something so deliciously awful appeared on the horizon via Dish Network. While the History Channel has been wasting its time examining Mayan Calendars and hidden messages from Nostradamus since the beginning of 2009, they needed only to preview some of their fellow cable network programming to find a real sign of the impending apocalypse: Tool Academy.

Oh, Tool Academy, you are just what I need to avoid thinking about the problems in my own life or in the lives of my fellow countrymen. I cannot resist you. See for yourselves the glory of which I speak:

I now have the perfect tool to help my neighbor get elected to the school board. "Fellow citizens of Downers Grove, without a proper and rigorous education, this is what our children may become..."
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