We've Been Going About This Gay Marriage Thing All Wrong

And not just gay marriage -- the whole issue of prejudice has been mishandled in this country. I have a better idea. Or, an idea. It may not be better.

We've been trying to force or convince or otherwise change people into non-haters. I don't think it's going to happen. I think we should stop trying to fight it, but just make it a little more democratic. After all, we all have our prejudices. Why not give them all a shot?

Every year, every registered voter gets to write the name of their object of derision on a slip of paper which gets put into a huge raffle drum, and whoever is written on that piece of paper is subject to discrimination for one year. They can't marry, those who are married will have their marriages invalidated, they can be denied housing, lose their jobs (especially if they're teachers), be mistreated by restaurant staff, and otherwise be shunned and mistreated by the general public.

(You can't take it back when your choice hurts your friends in loved ones. If you put "Guys Named Todd" into the drum, you can't say, "Wait, I didn't mean that Todd!" Too late. What's done is done.)

After that group's year is up, they can't be chosen for another twelve years. Another group is chosen in its place. And so on and so on, ad infinitum.

I'm torn between two groups: artificial blondes in Lexus SUV's who have gotten a mani/pedi in the last three months, or guys like this or this. You can't change your DNA! You're not a lizard or a cat! Stop your foolishness! And now I'm drawing even more attention to you, which is what you obviously want! AAAAARGH!

Where was I?

Ah, yes.

There's always the chance that we vote to end this program and not discriminate against ANYBODY, once we've all had the chance to experience discrimination first hand. I mean, I'm in trouble once someone tosses "hairy toes" into the drum. I'm sure every one of you is at risk in some way, too. But, fair is fair.

If I want to see that stop-sign-ignoring, gold-digging Lexus whore writhe in torment, I have to be willing to take my chances.
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