I Am Taking a Mental Health Day
Today, I am forcing myself to avoid bad news, disagreements and general unpleasantness. (Except for Randal. His general unpleasantness amuses me.)

Instead, I decided to look for happiness. And how else does someone look for something in this day and age? I Googled it.

I found a TV show called Happy Town! That should be good, right? Let's see, it's about... unsolved kidnappings...dark truths revealed...a murder... gee, another town (family, school, workplace, zzzz) that looks happy on the outside, but in reality, ISN'T AT ALL!!! I am shocked an amazed, because that is such a new and unique twist. Wait, don't tell me... is someone a vampire (or werewolf or space alien or some otherworldly creature) too? Once again, television dazzles us with its innovative approach to programming. Next.

Ah, a movie called Happiness. That ought to be it, right? Hollywood doesn't call something "Happiness" and then have it not be happy at all, right? They wouldn't resort to such obvious irony, would they? What's it about? "Three middle-class New Jersey sisters all have their problems with their families and sex lives." And Philip Seymour Hoffman's in it. No movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman in it is happy. Next.

Finally, I find The Happy Guy. He's not even some wry hipster being ironic! He ACTUALLY believes happiness is possible! Here is his actual picture, to demonstrate how happy he is!

And despite what other people might say about money not buying happiness, The Happy Guy says happiness has a $59 value! But he's not going to charge you that; he'll give it to you for free if you give him your email address! So he can send you his happy poetry!

I think I'll keep looking. If anyone besides The Happy Guy has any happy suggestions for me, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to read it.
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