1970's Advertising Icons: Bustin' It Up
Advertising in the 70's was much more violent than advertising today. Remember "Hey, Kool Aid!"? Remember what would happen? Kool Aid Man would burst through the wall.

Remember the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull? Remember what he used to do? He used to burst through the wall.

How about the Honeycomb Hideout. Anyone remember what happened there? That's right: someone was always bursting through the wall looking for a "big, big taste." Because Honecombs cereal, remember, was big, big, big. It's not small; no, no, no.

Even something as benign as candy involved violence. Someone eating a chocolate candy bar while walking down the street would bump into someone (inexplicably) doing the same with a jar of peanut butter and - BOOM- an altercation would break out. Were it not for the exceptional deliciousness of the resulting candy -- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, of course -- someone might have called the police.

Was the trend meaningful, somehow? Did it feed into some sort of American appetite for destruction?
Oh Yeah Or, was it simply a matter of advertising executives stealing each others' material? I have invited The Incredible Hulk to respond, since he has firsthand experience breaking through walls. If anyone else has insight, feel free to leave it.
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