Hot Fun in the Summer Time

For the moment, I am going to live in denial. I am ignoring the list of Supreme Court nominees, I am pretending my country is not becoming a fascist state, and I refuse to look at anything with the words "pay by" or "amount due" on them.

Instead, lets talk picnics, parades and parties. I found a great all-inclusive site to help plan a great picnic or barbeque. I also found a CD of picnic music available for purchase.

As cynical as I'd like to be, I must admit I enjoy parades. Not military parades, but the parades of marching bands, clowns, boy scouts, girl scouts, and floats -- I am a sucker for them. So, the Uberfamily and I will be curbside, watching the spectacle pass us by.

We are having a big party on Saturday, since we live adjacent to a big park with a prime hill for fireworks viewing. We will see friends and loved ones, light off some semi-legal fireworks, eat some foods of dubious nutritional value, and coat ourselves with bug spray to watch our town's fireworks display.
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