God Has GOT to Get Better Reps
Would you trust this guy to teach you about religion?

Because Uberdilf was out late last night, smoozing with Sysm and some integrator salesman, I went to bed alone last night. I couldn’t sleep without his big heavy ape arm around me, so I started surfing through the TV channels to find something to send me to dreamland.

I found myself on the far end of the channel listings, where I rarely go. There’s nothing but educational programming, infomercials and religious shows up there. I spotted something on Trinity Broadcast Network, which features Evangelical Christian programming, that made me pause. Kirk Cameron now appears on Christian TV.

For those of you lucky enough not to recognize the name and visage of Kirk Cameron, he was the star of an 80’s sitcom so nauseating that no one dare show it in syndication – the abomination known as “Growing Pains.”


Despite a 7-year run and a made for TV movie, Americans seem eager to forget it existed. In fact, at least one of its stars, Tracey Gold, suffered mental illness. Whether or not that had anything to do with appearing on the show has not been confirmed.

Now Mr. Cameron, who frequently appeared in such teen rags as “Tiger Beat,” is dispensing Christian knowledge.

I can just imagine God, who I am convinced looks and sounds like Samuel L. Jackson, saying “Oh, HELL no, that fool’s not gonna speak for me!”

Something like this could lead to the apocalypse.
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