A Mosquito Stung My Baby!
At some point during the weekend, a mosquito bit Maura right beneath her eye. At some point during the night, her eye got swollen nearly shut.

I was alarmed, but reassured when I went to WebMD. It advised me that swelling was common and to only call the doctor if it doesn't go down by tomorrow. I hope it does, since she's a flower girl for Saturday's wedding.

I made another, less pleasant discovery on WebMD. Apparently there is an insect known as a "pus caterpillar" in this world.

"Pus caterpillar -- It may be pale yellow, gray or reddish brown, about one inch long and densely covered with hairs. Among these hairs are hollow spines with venom. Stings on the hand can cause the entire arm to swell and become numb. There is severe pain followed by itching. Young children are often more severely affected. Large population increases in local areas can cause a problem."

I could've lived my whole life without knowing that.
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