I Pushed the Dreaded "Next Blog" Button Again...
I found this guy's site. And again I'm wondering, is he seriously that big of an asshole, or is this a comic persona adopted to mock metrosexuals?

My favorite quote from him, explaining why he's not a "nice guy" to women (I have not corrected his grammar):

"Are so supposed to be the wuss with glasses who reads poetry at Barnes & Noble and cries when a rainbow appears?" I know I would cry should HE ever appear.

Coincidentally, when Googling "Metrosexual" to come up with a picture for this post, it served up this:

Do you suppose it's him? I mean, he put a picture, ostensibly of himself, on his blog, but how do we know for sure which is the REAL ModishMan?

By the way: I have nothing against Meterosexuals or anyone else who takes pride in his/her appearance, even if it seem silly to me. For instance, Nick thinks it's silly that I wax my unwanted eyebrow hair, but I don't; so, who's the arbiter of silliness? What I do object to is the dismissal of anyone who doesn't conform to his standards. Of course, by judging him for his poor grammar skills and superficial view of life, I guess I'm doing the same thing to him. Should I be concerned about this? Perhaps I should ask Reverend Jack about that.
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