Christmas Is a Celebration. If You're Not Happy, You're Not Celebrating.
Nobody should be forced into anything. Yet, for the next month, we all will be pressured into something.

The non-religious or those who practice a non-JudeoChristian religion will feel pressured into celebrating a holiday that holds no real meaning for them. Jews will, once again, feel pressured into making Hannukah a much bigger deal than it was ever meant to be. African-Americans will feel pressured into celebrating Kwaanza, whether or not it holds any cultural significance for them. Christians will be pulled in all different directions. Office parties will be forced upon workers. Outrageous expectations will be everywhere.

Shameful. I hearby swear to you, my readers, that I will CELEBRATE Christmas. I will defy the marketers and thwart their evil plans.

I bow to no one.
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If being easily irritated, impatient and rebellious is sexy, then call me MILF -- Übermilf.

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