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My recent encounter with a group of rabid fans sparked my curiosity. I wondered who else has fan clubs out there?

The answer? If a person has been on TV, even in bit performances on a soap opera, he or she has a fan club. From the 1950's to the present, I challenge you to think of a TV show or star who isn't represented. Go ahead; if you think of one, I'd love to know.

To name but a few, I found fan clubs for:

William Conrad, "Cannon"

Buddy Ebsen, "Barnaby Jones"
(and don't bother telling me about all the other things Buddy Ebsen did. Believe me, someone already has.)

Square Pegs (20 episodes total in 1982. The only reason I remember it, I was 12 years old and actually watched it.)

and, amazingly

the Solid Gold Dancers

Wow. Really? Solid Gold Dancers? I'm not sure what to say.
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