Oh My God, What Have I Done?
I hope I didn't get anyone in trouble.

Just days after I urged people to drop their pants, the group Improv Everywhere performed their celebrated hipster prank, the "No Pants Subway Ride."

According to the group's founder, Charlie Todd, it was the event's biggest turnout yet, with 150 people crowding into a subway train and shedding their pants.

You can read about it here. Of course, these people have been doing it for five years, but I am awash in self-importance so I choose to ignore that fact.

In other pants-related news, some guy was arrested for wearing transparent pants. Without underwear.

"Evans, a convicted sex offender from California, allegedly would walk up to his victims and attempt to engage them in conversation, directing their gaze towards his lower region.

'He would ask them, "What do you think?" or if they could see what he had," [police Lt.] Tucker said."

Nothing like this ever happens in Downers Grove. Sigh.
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