I Know Something About Cowards.
Cowards are angry. Cowards would like to think their anger makes them tough. But they know, deep down, that they are weak and childish. That makes them even angrier.

Many cowards are abusive. They try to make themselves feel big by tearing others down. It doesn't work. Then, they get angry again.

They have all kind of excuses for why they can be lazy and weak, while other people should take care of them. They are too afraid to take chances to actually do something themselves.

Cowards often obsessively need attention, to reassure them constantly. When someone else gets attention, they often lash out in envy.

Cowards lie. Cowards cheat. Cowards are immature. Cowards are glib and smugly break promises, even the most solemn of oaths. Cowards are unreliable. Cowards are mean and sadistic. Cowards hide. Cowards blame others for their mistakes. Cowards have temper tantrums when they don't get what they want.

Cowards want more than anyone else has, and are still unhappy even when they get it. Cowards know that no one likes them any better than they like themselves. But they're too scared to change.

I don't know whether to despise cowards, or pity them. So, generally, I do both.
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