No Debates, No Questions: Let's Elect Officials Based on Size

I was thinking of taking a few days off, due to general boredom. But Anonymous clearly needs me around, so here I am.

I read an interesting article about the upcoming Mexican elections. It seems the electing public cares deeply about the size of the candidates' cojones. I think that's fantastic! We should elect our politicians solely based on the penis size (male) or breast size (female) of the person running for office – any surgically-enhanced candidates will be automatically disqualified. Voters will have one decision to make: who has the more fantastically porportioned body part(s)?

Chicks with Dicks will be automatically elected to the Senate.

Just think -- no more arguments or tiresome debates about policy. Imagine how drastically the voting percentage will go up! I think this idea has real potential. I think it should be the standard throughout the world.
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