I'm Getting Desperate for that 750th Post.
I had no idea what to write about, so I asked Brooke to tell me the very first word that popped into her head. She must be as filled with inspiration as me today, because she said "word."

Here's an image that pops up on lucky page 7 of Google Images for the word "word."

This cartoon is quite interesting to me. First, how can Atheists hate the word of God when they don't believe God exists? They can only hate words written by people who mistakenly think they are jotting down the words of God. But I'm not an Atheist; you'd have to ask one.

Two, I had no idea Atheism had so much in common with professional wrestling. Or adult diapers.

Three, aren't Atheists in the minority? How can they be big bullies? I've never seen a big muscle-bound, scantily-clad man or woman menace people inside a church. "Hand over the Word of God!" they could say. "We HATE it!" But that doesn't happen.

I think the cartoon should read "Carnival Workers Hate Clothes" or "Mr. Clean Hates Sun in His Eyes" or something. I don't know. If I had any insight into anything, I wouldn't be writing about the word "word."
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