Don't Wear Wednesday -- Back to School Edition
I will admit to preferring traditional clothes for the ÜberGirlies. Generally, I like my three-year-old to look like a three-year-old and my six-year-old to look like a six-year-old. The older they get, the more "fashion" I see myself allowing.

Last year, it was easy. I got nearly all the girlie clothes at one store that offered affordable cuteness. It stands to reason, then, that I'd go straight to the same store this year. Alas, I found that THEY had been purchased by none other than Satan himself. How else do you explain dressing little girls size 4 to 6x in this?

I think I know where they got their inspiration:

Because I always wanted to dress my little girl like an aging hooker with an attitude.

Now, Übie, you might be saying. Be fair. That's just one dress; surely they have other more comely choices from which to pick? Hmmm, they do have a shirt that's regular brown leopard print. That's an improvement, but not much. No, most items seem plucked from Cyndi Lauper's trash bin.

Honestly, who would pick this fabric? For anything outside of Ringling Brothers?

I rest my case.
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