It's Gut Check Time! Halloween Approaches!
Halloween is nine days away and I can't believe we don't have our pumpkins yet. We've got to do it today; Dilf is gone again next week, Monday through Thursday. This is serious, people. I can't do it without Dilf because I need his brawny shoulders to hoist the largest pumpkins we can find.

The very largest. This is important, people.

Anyways, we've already kicked off our celebrations on Friday. If you are ÜberElder's teacher and you are reading this, Elder was home with a cold that day and I stayed by her bedside the whole time mopping her fevered brow.

If you are anyone else reading this, we took the train downtown and went to Pumpkin Plaza to see Midnight Circus, then we went to Navy Fear.
Elder announced, "This is the best day of my life. Until I get married."

Yesterday evening we discovered a phenomenon that thrilled me to no end. Apparently there's a society of regular Joes who turn their personal homes into haunted houses for the season and open them to the public. For free. Well, they have donation boxes up... anyways, there was one of these things near Grandma and Grandpa's house, so our entire clan went to see it. We shall have to visit more of them; you can find listings here. There's at least one in Carol Stream, SYSM!

Our celebratory pace will only quicken as the big day draws near. We have several parties to attend, and I am Elder's room mom for her party. I'm so happy I could cry pumpkin seeds.
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