Friday Freak of the Week: Neil Rodreick II, age 29

I know many of you have already seen this story, but I just had to comment on it.

Did you think pedophilia stories couldn't get any weirder? Stories of people becoming priests, teachers and police officers with the sole purpose of abusing young people on their minds ... creepy old men buying houses near water parks just to see the parade of kids in their swimsuits walk by ... endless perps on Dateline NBC caught with their pants down... well, this one takes it up a notch. Bam!

Neil Rodreick successfully passed himself off as a 7th grader just to fondle little kids. And how did he manage to accomplish this? I mean, wouldn't he need another creepy adult to pose as his guardian?

Enter Lonnie Stiffler (no pun intended), age 61, and Robert Snow, age 43. Authorities say Stiffler and Snow met Rodreick online, thinking he was a preteen, took him from his home state of Oklahoma to Arizona where they carried on a sexual relationship with him. Stiffler took little Neil to school with some forged documents (birth certificate, etc.) and enrolled him in school as his grandson.

I want to know how they faked the medical and dental forms.

In other freak related news...

I fear Carl Spackler has an agenda. I think he's going to get a job in the Chicago area. I think he's going to spend 6 days a week working and trolling for female flesh. I think he then plans to spend Sundays on my couch watching the Speed Channel and eating Sunday dinner and taking home leftovers in Ziploc storage containers.

That is my fear.
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