I Hope You're Happy, Michael Anderson!

There I was, in a happy bubble of placid thoughtlessness, until Mr. Anderson comes along and pops it. Fie upon you, Anderson!

Because of him and the doctoral theses he keeps leaving on B.A.'s blog, I went in search of the information about the effects of poverty on brain chemistry. I read this and began to think about it. I don't want to think! I want to be wrapped in a warm, soft cocoon of complacency! It's nice and comfy in there!

But it was too late. Mr. Anderson's poison had taken affect.

I'm not sure I agree 100 percent with everything the author writes, but it's worth considering. Points to ponder:

Through their unwitting lapdogs - the psychiatric establishment and geneticists - drug companies teach that emotional distress is a chemical destiny only alterable by pills. But in a sane world, while drugs are sometimes necessary in emergencies, they would hardly ever be used for more than a few months. Instead, there would be a massive effort by government to create a society that is not craziness- inducing and that provides talking cures for those already damaged by it.
(Now, the Libertarians among us are sure to cluck over the words "government" and "create a society." Let's just consider government in theory, as in "we the people," not as it's currently being practiced.)


[Cognitive Behavior Therapy] comes from a stable of psychology that deems accurate negative thoughts about oneself as "depressive realism", and health as living in a rose-tinted bubble of positive illusions. For, truly, emotional distress is a form of dissent - an important signal that early family experiences and adult society have been or are distressing.

Finally, a point that I do agree with 100 percent: "Sanity is a much more useful notion than illness - emotional maturity should be the goal, not happiness."

Emotional maturity... hmmm.

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