This Week in Coupons
As Terasita promised, my Sunday newspaper was a coupon smorgasbord. I think there were 5 booklets worth! I was in heaven mining for the bizarre and the inedible.

First, I found a coupon for a delicacy known as Hamburger Helper Cheesy Jambalaya. Doesn't that sound tasty? It's a New Orleans favorite, according to the website.

Those of us who have eaten jambalaya know two things to be true: it contains neither cheese nor hamburger meat. In fact, Cajun food in general does not contain cheese, powdered or otherwise. Leave it to the Hamburger Helper folks to put an innovative spin on an established cuisine! Viva le frommage!

And for those of you looking for a romantic Valentine's Day gift for that special lady, the Danbury Mint has your answer: The Chicago Bears Charm Bracelet.

Here's what Danbury has to say about this exciting offer:

"As an elegant finishing touch, each bracelet includes an elegant gift box at no additional charge." (They mentioned "elegant" twice in the same sentence! That must be one elegant gift box!) Then, "The Chicago Bears Charm Bracelet nestles within a luxurious presentation case." (emphasis theirs)

So, is the $99 price tag for the fabulous bracelet, or the kickass box it comes in? They sure are selling the hell out of that box.

Anyways, operators are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed!*

*guarantee applies only to gift box. I'm kidding; they won't refund your money no matter what.
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