Friday Freak of the Week: Me. And I'm Passing It onto My Children
Last week, I received a large, flat envelope in the mail. It contained a magnetic dry-erase board emblazoned with a local realtor's advertising message. And a dry-erase pen!

I can use such an item attached to my refrigerator, so I can jot down items I need to buy at the grocery store. However, I am opposed to providing free advertising. I resent having to see this advertising when I want to use my new dry erase board. So, in a form of futile protest (and really, aren't all of my protests futile? I realize this, yet I continue to do it) I write a derogatory statement about the realtor.

ÜberElder, who can now read and write quite well, spotted the new item on the refrigerator. She read what I wrote. She decided to add her own two cents worth. Here's the result:

I am so proud, I could cry. Look at the stink lines! And the p.u. at the end -- sheer genius.

Of course, I must add that Chuck Baburek has never done a mean thing to me. In fact, he was nice enough to send me a useful item in the mail, gratis. And yet I mock him. I am conflicted.
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