Another ÜberRant at Horrible Things I Am Powerless to Change

As a religious person, I have a question for my fellow believers. Specifically, the ones who watch Fox News and listen to Sean Hannity on the radio. You believe God created the world and all its natural beauty, right? I mean, we may disagree about the whole seven days thing and all, but we agree that all those wonderful connected ecosystems and such were put together by a divine mind to work together in a marvelous harmony, correct?

Then how can you believe that a group of people pushing globalization and lessened protections for this wonderful, beautiful planet are on God's side? They're wrecking all the good stuff He made and putting us all in danger of extinction in the process. Why am I upset today? Two things come to mind.

Fish dying in the Great Lakes
. Lots of 'em. Tons of 'em. From a non-native virus. "Non-native" means they're dying because global commerce is taking precedence over protecting life. Am I saying we should become isolationist and not do business in foreign countries? No. Am I saying that we should enact every protection possible to prevent such business from destroying ecosystems? Yes. We are risking our lives to make a cheap buck.

Also, melamine-contaminated food. First, why are we importing pork from China? Don't we have huge hog farms in this country? Why are we allowing a foreign country to poison us? And paying money to them for the pleasure? Second, why are we being told "not to worry" because they "don't think there's any threat to humans?" It hasn't been tested in a laboratory, true, but didn't we have hundreds or thousands of innocently unwitting experimental subjects? It's been tested on animals, all right, just not by people in lab coats. Why should we risk this? To not offend our "friends" in China?

And the strange smells coming out of Romeoville last week shouldn't cause us any concern, either. I'm sure the oil companies are policing themselves just fine.

Pro-Life should mean more than your stance on abortion.
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