Don't Wear Wednesday: In Tatters
I was going to write about uneven hemlines in general, and my somewhat irrational dislike of them. Other people like them. They just seem messy to me. And while I have seen them work with some styles, like a 1920's inspired cocktail dress, this is just atrocious on many levels:

But taking things to the bottom of the fashion abyss is this creation, which has so many things wrong with them I can't even describe them all in a family blog. Is this a family blog? I've got to stop swearing, then.

Anyways, may I present to you this week's ugly find:

Did they change their minds about making that a one-shoulder dealie? And the straps are two different widths; I'm not even sure why the skinny one is there. And a dog-collar like thingy. And ugly Karl Rove's America colors. PLUS the uneven hemline.

Goodness Gracious.
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