Sticking Your Zucchini Where It Doesn't Belong

You have two days to prepare for Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day.

Now, some people feel the zucchini is disrespected. It grows like a weed in many places, and overproduces itself to extremes sometimes. Nevertheless, there are many zucchini festivals out there, as this excerpt from the highlighted story illustrates:

...zucchini are dressed in silly little costumes and paraded out into the agricultural halls in front of throngs of giggling fair-goers...

At the annual Vermont State Zucchini Festival held every August in Ludlow, there are zucchini coloring and carving contests, the ‘zucchini model airplane races,’ and the ‘people’s choice awards for the best Mr. and Mrs. Zucchini Head.’ Day two of the festival is dubbed ‘Salute to the Big One Day.’ One more term of disrespect to the long-suffering zucchini.

Why are we so fascinated with huge green squash? Could it be something to do with their shape? Large zucchini have often been associated with the male phallus. Bigger is better is the mantra of mass marketing these days, for both men and (apparently) zucchini.

A zucchini resembles a phallus? I hadn't noticed.

Like a phallus, the larger zucchinis may be more difficult to hide, disguise or otherwise sneak into a place where it isn't invited. Those of you with very large zucchinis will have to be very discreet when depositing your zucchinis onto your neighbors' porches on Wednesday. Good luck.
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