Napalabambo Or Whatever Says I Gotta Write Something, So...

I am very busy today, as I am preparing for Thanksgiving. I am having a delightful horde of visitors.

But since I must post something, I'll post a to-do list off the top of my head:

  1. laundry
  2. grocery shopping
  3. dusting
  4. vaccuuming
  5. clean toilets
  6. get out serving dishes; check and clean
  7. get out tablecloths; check and clean
  8. extra table: what effort will be involved
  9. I need to borrow 4 chairs from somebody
  10. double-check recipes to make sure the list is all-inclusive (before shopping!)
  11. don't forget to check toilet paper stock
  12. remember how to make pie
  13. work with girls to clean their sties
  14. clean windows downstairs (their are icky cobwebs between the glass and screens)
  15. make centerpieces
  16. finish decorating
  17. change bed linens (I usually do this on Mondays)
  18. make place cards
  19. probably lots of stuff I'm forgetting

Dilf has a list, too. Maybe I'll post that tomorrow. I'm sure you can hardly wait.
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