Lessons from Love Boat
Some people dismiss "Love Boat" as a frothy vehicle for washed-up celebrities who refused to acknowledge their careers had died.

Those people must be blind to the wisdom flowing from Aaron Spelling's genius gland. "Love Boat" teaches all a person needs to know to really live.

Take art, for example. Andy Warhol appeared on the show, using Tom Bosley as the humble vessel through which he dispensed important lessons about artistic expression and unconventional hairstyles:

And Warhol didn't choose to appear during the show's heyday; on the contrary, he picked 1985. Despite dynamic infusions of talent from a dancing troupe called the Mermaids (I couldn't find a picture of them; Teri Hatcher must have a killer legal team) and an updated version of the theme song sung by Dionne Warwick, the show sailed into the sunset soon after, in 1986.

And the world has been just a little sadder, a little colder, a little more loveless ever since.

Curse you, fickle TV viewers!
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