Did you know that sarcasm is good for you?

It is! University neurophysiologists say so, so it must be true!

This is very good news for me. For once, something in my brain is healthful rather than a disorder of some sort.

However, for some people who don't pick up on sarcasm or facetiousness, it's not so funny.

I could say something mean, like, "I have to be sarcastic for my own health, and if you don't like it, don't slip on your own tears on the way out the door, crybaby," but I won't.

Because, people who can't understand sarcasm "must have some damage to your parahippocampal gyrus which is located in the right brain. People with dementia, or head injuries in that area, often lose the ability to pick up on sarcasm, and so they don't respond in a socially appropriate ways."(from the referenced article.) They aren't choosing to be oblivious; they're damaged!

It's also a good blogging skill.
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