Weak Poetry Week
Does anyone ever wonder what happened to the first Mr. J.K. Rowling?
The one who hit her?
Did he think she wasn't worth much at the time?
What about now?
What about the doctor who dismissed her
When she was thinking of killing herself?
What does he think?
Or the twelve publishers who rejected her?
What do they think?
Because JK Rowling didn't become an author, or a worthwhile person, when someone published her book
Or when that book and those that followed it made tons of money
Or when they got made into movies
She always was who she is
Only they didn't see it.
What do they see now?
What do you see, when you look at your spouse?
Someone not quite perfect enough for you?

What do you see, when you look at someone who is struggling?
Or not "glamorous?"
Or not "accomplished?"
What do you see when you look at yourself?
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