Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just You?
I was very excited to find this yesterday. Very.

That, of course, is Simon Pegg, another from the line of Dilf Dopplegangers. He seems to need some cooking lessons. I'll clear my schedule.

But as I watch the Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright/Nick Frost movies (again and again and again), I have come to a painful realization. I think Edgar Wright's direction may be the magic element in those movies (and tv show "Spaced"). Now, my cuddly little geeky boy helped write in all these instances, and also collaborated on other film making aspects with Mr. Wright, so I'm not entirely discounting his contributions, BUT... I am afraid to watch his upcoming big-budget film about the douchebag.

That's okay. Even if it sucks and my infatuation fades entirely, I'll always have Dilf. And Dilf's a better cook.
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